i love food

Maybe I’ll make some of these meals this week?

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Drumsticks + mashed cauliflower recipe

Applegate chicken apple sausages (sauteed in a pan) + sweet potato chips


Turkey burgers + roasted brussel sprouts


Mid-week panic…left overs? Salad? Soup?

Beef and cabbage stir fry recipe

Chicken Kebabs with Spicy Almond Butter + roasted asparagus recipe
I get so many ideas from the awesome whole30recipes account on Instagram. I highly suggest following them! 

lunches and breakfasts this week:
+detox salad with roasted chicken (I roasted 2 packs of chicken thighs on Sunday)
+chicken soup (8 cup chicken broth + 4 cups water + bunch of chopped carrots + 1 head of celery chopped + 1 onion cut + 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes + chicken. Let it simmer all day long, breaking up chicken and removing bones as the day goes and salt/pepper to your liking)
+Made a bunch of Applegate chicken + apple sausages on Monday night and snacked on those for lunch.
+Yum bowls: Steamed cauliflower + sliced almonds + roasted brussel sprouts + Tessemae’s

Share your favorite healthy eats here, too, friends! Would love some new ideas!!



Last week’s meal plan, y’all! Enjoy!

Beef Tacos with Ginger-Lime Peanut Sauce recipe
This is one of our all-time favorite meals. I ate it as a big salad, without the flour tortillas, so as not to upset those insulin levels I mentioned in my previous post.

Steak and roasted asparagus


Craved five guys…and, so, I’m keeping it real…we ate five guys. Proudly and without any shame. Like our life depended on it.


Steak salad using left over steak from Tuesday night’s dinner.


Dinner at a friend’s house. I brought roasted brussel sprouts to share.

lunches this week:
+detox salad with roasted chicken (I roasted 2 packs of chicken thighs on Sunday)
+chicken soup (8 cup chicken broth + 4 cups water + bunch of chopped carrots + 1 head of celery chopped + 1 onion cut + 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes + chicken. Let it simmer all day long, breaking up chicken and removing bones as the day goes and salt/pepper to your liking)
+Chicken dipped in my beloved Tessemae’s dressing (y’all. I need to invest in this company. I buy SO MUCH of this stuff. My favorites are creamy ranch and lemon garlic. Hubbins loves the hot sauce and bbq sauce).

I hope your weeks feel joyful, dearies!


good eats

I mentioned on instagram how much I love all things health related. I love making people sweat with a good workout, I love chatting about different foods and how they effect your whole entire endocrine system, I love doing an actual workout. It’s a fun passion of mine that, had it been realized in college, might have become a full-time career for me for sure. But, then I wouldn’t be making tiny jewelry and gifts with tiny handwriting and that wouldn’t be so happy, would it? A few people gave me some sweet encouragement to go ahead and post my weekly meal plans that I send to friends, so here it is. Weekly…or monthly…or however often I can think of it. Very simple (I am not a cook), very quick (I am a working mama of two littles), very repetitive (again…not a cook while living a super full life), and healthy (most of the time). I should mention that I have PCOS, so my meals are very, very low carb and that might not be best for everyone. Definitely add some yummy grains into whatever you see that I post. I just limit them to help the insulin levels stay nice and steady.

Slow Cooker Thai Soup – recipe
calls for rice, but we just enjoyed it as soup


Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken over butter lettuce with sweet potatoes on the side (recipe is just covering whatever chicken you have on hand in salsa, cook on high for a few hours, shred chicken, and eat!)


Chicken Apple Sausage over sauteed spinach


Potluck night with my church community group (I’m bringing tortilla chips and plantain chips with salsa and will likely eat a salad before)


Late night, eat salad or soup

Late night, eat salad or soup


NYC for the NY Now trade show (booth 9538 if you’re a buyer) – eating and drinking all of the fancy snacks and fancy wine at a nice dinner with my dear employees

Every ten days or so, I always prep a big batch of steamed cauliflower (probably 2 heads), steamed broccoli (probably 2 heads), detox salad, chicken soup (8 cup chicken broth + 4 cups water + bunch of chopped carrots + 1 head of celery chopped + 1 onion cut + 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes + chicken. Let it simmer all day long, breaking up chicken and removing bones as the day goes and salt/pepper to your liking). I eat bits of this for breakfast (I can’t eat eggs, sadly), lunch, and dinner, and snacks as the week goes on.

I hope your weeks feel happy and healthy and balanced and full of joy.

Be encouraged, sweet dears!


life lately: may 2016 edition


Both girls are asleep at the same time (not as much of a miracle as I once feared it would be – more on that below) and I’ve wanted to write. Something about making babies and seeing them grow…it makes me want to write. A way to process it all maybe.

There is so much to say, so much I could say about adding a baby to our solid unit of three and making us a unit of four, about running a business at the same time, about being a mama, about God and His faithfulness, about things I’ve learned so far this time around, about the new designs I’m considering and trying to bravely push forward with, but the main thing is this:

That voice you hear that is sometimes still so small, still a whisper, that voice that begs you to listen even if it sounds insane and there are a million and twenty reasons not to listen (and those are just the ones you could come up with in two minutes flat)…that voice is good. And, I believe, that voice is God.

My goodness we were set on having one baby. Just set. That was it. And…then we weren’t set. Or, truly, God wasn’t set and He changed our minds very suddenly. When I faced this decision with uncertainty and sometimes crippling fear, actually dreading what was to come, I’m so glad I listened when I heard “just trust”. During the nights when I’d run through my old sleep training and scheduling and rule books I’d (unfortunately) memorized the first time around, plotting and planning and sending myself into a hurricane of unsettled worry,  I’m so glad I listened when I heard “just love”. Trust and love…could it be that simple?

I’m not just holding God’s hand this time around, friends…this time around, I am curled into His strong and capable hands letting Him carry me along on this journey He has for us. It’s not all perfect and this giving over of my life and plans isn’t automatic, but it is lovely.  It is peaceful. It is joy. It’s beautiful and scary and mostly chaotic and always always always better than if I were doing it by myself.

send them with love


I only sort of remember my various graduations. High school was overwhelming and a fog due to complete terror at leaving home in a few short months for college and I think the same is true about my college graduation…only this time I was leaving for the “real world” armed with a studio art degree and not a clue about how I would earn money and make an actual living. God had a lot to teach me about trust and reliance in those days, even though at that point I’d only listened to Him as a whisper and not as authority. Exciting times can also be fearful times…and sometimes, they can be peaceful times.

If youre a graduate or you love a graduate, I hope there is more peace and joy in the excitement than fear…I hope you can find rest in what is to come.

And, if you feel so inclined, grab some inspiration in the form of a laurel denise leather bracelet and use code DREAM for free shipping.

we love moms


for the one who held you, hugged you, kissed you right where it hurt and always gave you a band aid…
for the one who guarded you, guided you, helped you and wiped away your tears…
for the one who laughed with you, understood you, and loved you…
maybe that person is you, maybe you have a few of those people in your life, or maybe she lives on only in your heart. remind yourself today that you, among the to-do lists and life’s demands and the boo-boo’s and fort building and bath giving, are a beautiful mama. wear it close to your heart…that you may always feel the gift that it is to be called mama. and remind your own today that they are and always will be your first love, your mama.
+ + +

dwell in hope

111415There are frightening…terrifying…things happening all over the world, in our country, in some of our own backyards. People fleeing terrors I can’t even fathom. There are thoughts crowded with fear and worry that run through the night, the morning and while you’re just trying to to scrub this morning’s eggs from the frying pan. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s understandable to want to throw it all in, to hide away. To grab the keys and run. And yet…there is hope. Today, tomorrow, and during all of the unknown in the months to come, I will choose to dwell in that hope.

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“Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure.” 
Psalm 16:9

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Hi sweets,

I have big plans for this little blog of mine. Promise I do. But for now, thanks for checking in as I randomly post in my inconsistent manner. Goals for 2015: Pull it together. Amiright?

The new cuffs with sweet metallic details are in stock and I’m so happy with them. My cute husband and I (he’s seriously the best) have been working so hard on making these just perfect – these have been in the works for months and months and to see all of our late evenings and “but what about this…” conversations come to a final product is just the jelly in my donut. Couldn’t be more excited for this launch! All six of these little babies have been uploaded and are for sale right now on the website (link here).

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