Monthly Archives: January 2015

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Hi sweets,

I have big plans for this little blog of mine. Promise I do. But for now, thanks for checking in as I randomly post in my inconsistent manner. Goals for 2015: Pull it together. Amiright?

The new cuffs with sweet metallic details are in stock and I’m so happy with them. My cute husband and I (he’s seriously the best) have been working so hard on making these just perfect – these have been in the works for months and months and to see all of our late evenings and “but what about this…” conversations come to a final product is just the jelly in my donut. Couldn’t be more excited for this launch! All six of these little babies have been uploaded and are for sale right now on the website (link here).

Use code “FRIDAY” for free shipping through 1/18 (U.S. addresses only).