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I mentioned on instagram how much I love all things health related. I love making people sweat with a good workout, I love chatting about different foods and how they effect your whole entire endocrine system, I love doing an actual workout. It’s a fun passion of mine that, had it been realized in college, might have become a full-time career for me for sure. But, then I wouldn’t be making tiny jewelry and gifts with tiny handwriting and that wouldn’t be so happy, would it? A few people gave me some sweet encouragement to go ahead and post my weekly meal plans that I send to friends, so here it is. Weekly…or monthly…or however often I can think of it. Very simple (I am not a cook), very quick (I am a working mama of two littles), very repetitive (again…not a cook while living a super full life), and healthy (most of the time). I should mention that I have PCOS, so my meals are very, very low carb and that might not be best for everyone. Definitely add some yummy grains into whatever you see that I post. I just limit them to help the insulin levels stay nice and steady.

Slow Cooker Thai Soup – recipe
calls for rice, but we just enjoyed it as soup


Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken over butter lettuce with sweet potatoes on the side (recipe is just covering whatever chicken you have on hand in salsa, cook on high for a few hours, shred chicken, and eat!)


Chicken Apple Sausage over sauteed spinach


Potluck night with my church community group (I’m bringing tortilla chips and plantain chips with salsa and will likely eat a salad before)


Late night, eat salad or soup

Late night, eat salad or soup


NYC for the NY Now trade show (booth 9538 if you’re a buyer) – eating and drinking all of the fancy snacks and fancy wine at a nice dinner with my dear employees

Every ten days or so, I always prep a big batch of steamed cauliflower (probably 2 heads), steamed broccoli (probably 2 heads), detox salad, chicken soup (8 cup chicken broth + 4 cups water + bunch of chopped carrots + 1 head of celery chopped + 1 onion cut + 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes + chicken. Let it simmer all day long, breaking up chicken and removing bones as the day goes and salt/pepper to your liking). I eat bits of this for breakfast (I can’t eat eggs, sadly), lunch, and dinner, and snacks as the week goes on.

I hope your weeks feel happy and healthy and balanced and full of joy.

Be encouraged, sweet dears!


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